Manhattan 4"H 19 1/2"W 15"D Covered With Silver Glazed Porcelain Top Sink

This modern beautiful porcelain top sink is glazed and covered with silver. It offers the minimalism with a beauty, perfect choice for your bathroom. Manhattan silver glazed top sink is in the shape of a rectangle and It has a single hole for faucet. Faucet and plumbing accessories that this top requires, need to be purchased separately. The chic designed top sink will take your bathroom from simple to luxury and it will be a great choice for your dream bathroom design. Its dimensions are 4" Height, 19 1/2" Width, 15"Depth.
Product Covered With Silver Glazed Porcelain Top Sink
Color Silver
Finish Silver Glazed
Operation Top Sink
Size 4"H 19 1/2"W 15"D
Thickness NONE